Behzad Khan's must-haves for his 'Vanshaj' role: Rings, hats and trench coats

Mumbai, March 15 (IANS) Actor Behzad Khan has delved into the depth of his character in the show ‘Vanshaj’, and also revealed the elements of dressing up for the role of Mr Multani.

‘Vanshaj’ depicts the resilient journey of Yuvika (Anjali Tatrari) in a cutthroat battle of inheritance against Digvijay (Mahir Pandhi).

The show has undergone a leap of one year, and a doppelganger of Yuvika named Yukti is introduced changing the game with her bold and sassy approach ready to challenge DJ and fight this ultimate battle with him.

Behzad has entered as Mr Multani, who plays the role of Yukti’s father, whose return from the United States adds a new twist to the story.

Dressed in rich, eye-catching attire complete with unique accessories like rings and hats, he stands out.

Behzad said: “The signature rings, hats, and trench coats – every accessory and garment are essential details for my character. These are more than just elements of dressing up, they embody a lifestyle– a stylish, larger-than-life persona that resonates with my character.”

“When the camera is on, I feel excited to portray Mr Multani, and every shot feels like a masterpiece,” he shared.

He further said: “To play a mysterious character is very interesting and challenging for an actor because at the end of the scene, at the end of the dialogues, you always leave a matter of doubt, a matter of suspense in the audience’s mind with the portrayal.”

Behzad finds it very intriguing to play a character like Multani who is mysterious, which has so many shades to him, and he is enjoying it.

‘Vanshaj’ airs on Sony SAB.



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