Fact-Checking Policy

News Street Live is committed to delivering accurate information across all our content is unwavering. We employ rigorous fact-checking measures, question assumptions, and challenge prevailing beliefs to ensure the utmost accuracy.

1. Due Accuracy

Our fundamental commitment is to due accuracy. “Due” implies that our accuracy standards are adequate and appropriate for each piece of content. We tailor our accuracy to the subject and nature of the content, taking into account any constraints that may influence the expectation of accuracy.

2. Well-Sourced Content

All content of News Street Live, is as appropriate to its nature, must be well-sourced, evidence-based, and corroborated. We strive for honesty and transparency about areas where we lack information and diligently avoid baseless speculation. We rely on subscription based newswire services of Indo-Asian News Service.

3. No Plagiarism or Distortion

Our contributors, writers, authors, and journalists uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity. We are committed to never engaging in deliberate plagiarism or distorting facts or context, including visual information. At News Street Live, we prioritize accuracy, transparency, and accountability in all our reporting endeavors, ensuring that our readers receive credible and trustworthy news content. Your trust in News Street Live is our utmost priority, and we remain dedicated to upholding the integrity of our reporting.

4. Independent Verification

News Street Live seek independent verification from sources, particularly for claims, information, or allegations made by public officials or those with an agenda beyond reporting the truth. Claims, allegations, and material facts that can’t be corroborated are normally attributed as such.

5. Accountability and Corrections

News Street Live stands by the information we publish and consider it accurate. If errors are discovered, we promptly correct the news item or information. We do not knowingly or materially mislead our audiences. We do not distort facts or present invented material as facts, which could undermine trust in our content. We acknowledge serious factual errors and correct them quickly, clearly, and appropriately.

6. Public Reporting of Errors

We provide a means for the public to report inaccuracies or errors in our reporting through the ‘Feedback email communication’ located at the Contact page of our website.

7. Editorial Oversight

Our journalists’ primary responsibilities are reporting, writing, and fact-checking stories. All stories undergo review by one or more editors. We employ a multi-level fact-checking structure for stories that require due diligence. The seniority of editors reviewing a story prior to publication varies based on factors such as complexity, sensitivity, and time constraints.

Correction Policies

While we strive for excellence and accuracy, we acknowledge that errors may occur. In such cases, we commit to correcting the error and maintaining a high level of transparency to prevent the spread of incorrect information. Here’s how we achieve these goals:

For Readers of News Street Live

If a reader identifies an error, please contact our Editor directly through email, phone, mail, or in person:

Email: livenewsstreet@gmail.com

Subject: Editor – Correction Needed

Please provide the correction, issue date or number, where the error was found (in website, social media pages etc.), your contact information, and the correct information along with the source, if applicable.

A correction submission ensures that the error will be investigated.

For NewsStreetLive.com

Once we are informed of an error, our Editor will conduct an investigation using information from the reader, meeting minutes, reporter’s records, and other available sources.

If an error is confirmed, we will issue corrections across all relevant mediums:

  • On NewsStreetLive.com, the article will be corrected, and an editor’s note will be added to the bottom.
  • On social media, we will post a link to the corrected article and note the correction.

We will also contact the reader who submitted the correction to explain the steps taken to correct the error.

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