Centre calls news item on NCERT textbooks misleading, issues clarification

New Delhi, July 10 (IANS) The government on Wednesday refuted a media report that aimed to create confusion around the NCERT textbooks, stressing that all Grade 6 textbooks will be made available by NCERT within July.

The news report claimed that Class 6 NCERT textbooks would take another two months to reach students and it was not communicated properly by the CBSE whether only classes 3 and 4 would receive revised textbooks or classes 9 and 11 would also be included.

The Ministry of Education called the news item “factually incorrect and misleading.”

“All Grade 6 textbooks will be made available by NCERT within July 2024. The two-month dateline being referred to is incorrect,” said the Ministry.

It further said that in order to provide adequate time to teachers and students for hands-on experiences under experiential learning perspectives and to ensure smooth transition for both teachers and students from old to new curriculum, “NCERT has already made available a month-long bridge programme in all the 10 subject areas for Grade 6, which is being used for teaching at present.”

The Ministry clarified that in March, it had been informed via a CBSE circular that for all classes other than 3 and 6, there is no change to the existing curriculum or textbooks.

“In light of misleading information, schools have once again been advised by CBSE to continue using the same textbooks for these classes as they did in the previous academic year (2023-24),” said the government.

“Regional Parts Distribution Centre (RPDC) Bangalore caters to all South Indian states including Tamil Nadu. Title-wise demand of Class 9 and 11 textbooks received from RPDC Bangalore has been met by NCERT. Publication division and no shortage has been reported by RPDC Bangalore,” said the Ministry.



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