Divine collaborates with ‘exceptionally gifted’ Karan Aujla for ‘Street Dreams’

Mumbai, Feb 17 (IANS) Rapper Divine has collaborated with popular Punjabi musician Karan Aujla for their latest album titled ‘Street Dreams’.

Karan said: “Teaming up with Divine for ‘Street Dreams‘ was an incredible experience. His talent and artistry have truly brought a unique energy to our collaboration and I’m supremely excited to see everyone’s response to it. It’s an incredibly special album for the both of us.”

A star-studded event hosted by Divine and Karan Aujla in Mumbai, where the ‘Street Dreams’ album launched.

Divine added: “Collaborating with Karan for ‘Street Dreams’ was truly wonderful. He’s exceptionally gifted, and together, we’ve created a very special album that I’m confident will resonate with our fans and listeners worldwide.”

After receiving a great response to the album’s earlier released song ‘100 Million,’ the entire album was unveiled, including six more songs: ‘Nothing Lasts,’ ‘Top Class,’ ‘Straight Ballin’,’ ‘Yaad,’ ‘Tareefan,’ and ‘Hisaab’.

Composed by Divine and Karan Aujla, the newly dropped album offers a fusion of the rapper’s powerful rap and Aujla’s exceptional singing and songwriting talent.

An ode to resilience, ambition, and the transformative potential of dreams, each song in ‘Street Dreams’ narrates the duo’s journey, from overcoming challenges in ‘Hisaab’ to achieving great success in ‘Top Class’ and more.

‘Street Dreams’ also features contributions from popular singer Jonita Gandhi, who joins the duo in the heartfelt song ‘Yaad’ from the album.



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