Goa Forward Party writes to Chief Secretary demanding FIR against Smart City contractor

Panaji, June 10 (IANS) Goa Forward Party MLA Vijai Sardesai on Monday demanded the filing of an FIR against the contractor of the ‘Smart City’ project after the collapse of a concrete retaining structure at the St lnez in Panjim.

In a letter to Chief Secretary Puneet Kumar Goel, Sardesai said, “We are writing to bring to your urgent attention a grave matter concerning the collapse of a concrete retaining structure at the St lnez in Panjim on Monday.

“This structural failure appears to be the direct result of shoddy workmanship and negligence by the Smart City contractor responsible for constructing a trench along the adjoining road. The contractor’s slow pace of work and failure to take necessary safety measures have left the trench open for an excessive duration, consequently weakening the retaining structure.”

He also said that this negligence has placed the surrounding structures, including an old banyan tree adjacent to the trench, at severe risk, especially with the onset of the monsoon weakening the soil between the trench and these structures.

“The concerned contractor has a known history of substandard work in various departments, including water resources, tourism, and others,” Sardesai said.

“Goa Forward Party strongly demands that an FIR be filed against the contractor responsible. Moreover, we urge a criminal probe to be conducted to audit and investigate both the collapse of the concrete structure and the ongoing Smart City works. We will be raising this issue in the forthcoming session of the Assembly, therefore your prompt attention to this critical matter is appreciated,” the letter read.

On many occasions, the opposition parties in the state have targeted the BJP government over the alleged sub-standard work and slow pace of the Smart City project, which has caused inconvenience to the people.



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