Google adds input numbers to slider controls on Docs, Slides

New Delhi, March 16 (IANS) Google has said that it has added a number input next to all slider controls used for image and shape adjustments on Docs, Slides and Drawings.

The company said that this new update will make it easier for users to make adjustments more specifically.

“With this update, we hope it is easier for you to make adjustments more precisely,” Google said in a blogpost.

This new update will be available to Google Workspace customers, Workspace Individual subscribers, and users with personal accounts, according to the company.

Additionally, Google has introduced ‘banner alerts’ that identify current shared drive capacity — to give users more visibility when shared drives in their domain are approaching the item capacity limit (400,000 items).

The tech giant said that these banners will be visible when less than 20 per cent capacity is left and will appear only for users who have edit access to add content to the specific shared drive.

Last month, Google rolled out its second screen “companion mode” to the Meet app on Android and iOS.

Companion Mode allows users to participate in a Meet call using an in-room audio/video conferencing system rather than their own PC.



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