Google and Meta have strong political bias: Musk

New Delhi, March 5 (IANS) Referring to a post claiming Google interference in the US elections, Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk on Tuesday said that “Google and Meta’s Facebook and Instagram have strong political bias.”

A user named Steven Mackey shared a post on X, in which he showed reports claiming Google’s interference in the US elections.

“Google is far more than a racist company, it is a firm that has in the past and is currently interfering in our elections,” Mackey wrote.

Replying to the post, Musk said, “Google and Facebook/Instagram have a strong political bias. Hard to say if they were the deciding factor in any given election, but they certainly put their thumb on the scale.”

“That video of Google execs holding an all-hands struggle session after Trump won was disturbing,” Musk added.

Meanwhile, responding to a post showing screenshots of Gemini’s response to “misgender” Caitlyn Jenner, the tech billionaire said, “The sheer insanity of that actual response from Google’s AI is staggering! They will fix it to be less obvious in the future, but the bias will still be in there.”

“AI mirrors the mistakes of its creators. When people wonder how things might go wrong if AI controlled the world, this example clearly illustrates the point,” he added.

Musk also mentioned that, in his opinion, the best approach to AI safety and the only strategy that would work “is to be maximally truth-seeking.”



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