Gujarat: Financial dispute turns violent; 1 dead

Ahmedabad, Feb 16 (IANS) A violent confrontation in Gujarat’s Prantij town on February 14 night has resulted in the death of one individual, with tensions escalating between two communities, an official said on Thursday.

The dispute, originating from a financial disagreement between members of one Bhoi family and an individual, Imran Kadri, spiralled out of control as members from both sides engaged in a violent clash.

Officials said the altercation soon turned violent, leading to members of both families belonging to different communities attacking each other.

One Raju Bhoi, fell victim to the violence, dying from his injuries. Authorities have since launched a murder investigation, registering an FIR against 30 individuals, with 17 already identified.

Officials shared that a police presence has been deployed to the area to ensure the restoration and maintenance of law and order. Among those named in the FIR are Aiyazmiya Qureshi, Imran Qureshi, Munaf Qureeshi, and Maqbool Qureshi. The matter is still under investigation.

Bipin Bhoi, the son of the deceased, recounted the incident in his police complaint, explaining how his father was forcibly removed from their home by an enraged mob and fatally assaulted with a metal pipe.

He noted that his father had attempted to calm down the situation, urging the crowd to disperse peacefully and refrain from using offensive language in the vicinity of his residence.



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