Hansal talks about his on-set dynamic with son Jai; ‘our relationship has grown’

Mumbai, April 10 (IANS) Acclaimed filmmaker Hansal Mehta has talked about his on-set dynamics with his son Jai Mehta, who directed the series ‘Lootere’, and said that their relationship has grown as professionals.

Hansal, the showrunner of ‘Lootere’, said: “Disagreements, as long as they are healthy, are absolutely necessary. This was Jai’s opportunity to shine – to make his own glorious mistakes and shine through his own voice.”

“Doing that, you make mistakes, and you have to own that, along with the brilliance. You have to own your flaws, too. Sometimes my ideas prevailed, sometimes his prevailed, and that’s how you work. That’s a creative collaborative process,” he added.

Hansal said that his relationship with Jai has evolved.

“Our relationship as father and son has grown as professionals rather than the other way around. We spend more time on set than at home, so the collaboration has been more creative and less nepotistic in that manner,” he added.

‘Lootere’ airs on Disney+ Hotstar.



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