IDF releases video of Hamas men detailing abduction of foreign nationals on Oct 7

Tel Aviv, Nov 27 (IANS) The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Israel Security Agency (ISA) have jointly released a video of two Hamas men revealing about the abduction of a Thai labourer and a Nepali citizen from Kibbutz Alumim’s farms on October 7.

The two Hamas men — Ismael Hawwas and Adham Hawwas — who are in the custody of IDF and ISA told the interrogators that they had kidnapped a Thailand natives and one Nepali citizen and taken them in an ambulance to Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

“We put the hostages in the ambulance and when we asked them about their nationalities, they could not understand. One of them said Thailand and we could understand that they he was from Thailand,” the Hamas men told the interrogators.

The Hamas men also said that one of the two hostages was walking on his feet while they reached Al-Shifa. However, the second one was carried on a stretcher.

Adham Hawwas and Ismael Hawwas told the interrogators that the Al-Qassam Brigade had stood guard to the hostages in Al-Shifa Hospital.



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