INDvENG: 'We don’t discuss the buzz around Bazball in dressing room', says Yashasvi Jaiswal

Rajkot, Feb 15 (IANS) India’s left-handed opener Yashasvi Jaiswal stated that the team doesn’t discuss buzz around England’s Bazball style of playing Test cricket in the dressing room during the ongoing five-game series.

“We don’t discuss it. We just focus on what we can do, what processes we should follow, and how we can contribute to our team in fielding, keeping the ball shining, encouraging each other, and maintaining a positive environment,” said Jaiswal to broadcasters JioCinema.

Asked about him forming a solid opening pair with India captain Rohit Sharma, Jaiswal said: “It’s an honour and pleasure to play with him. Walking out with him to the middle, sharing experiences and enjoying the tough times with him has been nice. There’s a lot I am learning from him.

“It’s really comfortable going up to him and asking a question. Even if the question is bad, he still gives good advice. Sometimes when you have a lot of questions in your mind, going up to him and getting his advice is really nice.”

Jaiswal was one of the stars in India’s 106-run win in the second Test when he scored a magnificent 209 in the first innings. Quizzed about how he celebrated this feat with his family during the series break, he said, “Every innings has its own satisfaction, there’s a different fun to each one of them, so every time I score runs, I enjoy it. I accept whatever name is given to me with love.

“But, Jaiswal is my surname and I would be happy that people call me Jaiswal. We spent some time, ate and drank together, this was a moment that needed to be savoured. I had a dream that whenever I score a double century, I would celebrate it in a particular style. So, the way I celebrated, I had planned it in my mind for a long time.”

Asked about the mental adjustments needed by him for a marquee five-match Test series, Jaiswal explained: “I was very excited to know that it’s a five-match series. You’d have to go through different phases. Sometimes things will look smooth, sometimes they will get tough, so I was going to get a lot to learn.

“I would get more time to spend with the team and enjoy a lot, so that’s how I looked at it. I have really enjoyed the journey from West Indies to South Africa and back to India. So, there’s been a lot to learn and I am really enjoying it.”

Switching between different formats of the game can be taxing, and Jaiswal emphasised on mindset being the key to making that adjustment. “Both formats have different requirements. They are played at different times of the day. T20s are played in the evening, Tests during the day.”

“The red ball seams and swings. There’s been a lot of switch between red and white ball cricket for me in the last couple of years, so I have a fair idea how to tackle these conditions. But what is common to both formats is having a good mindset. What the team requires is important, so I try to do that,” he said.

Jaiswal further explained the adjustments needed by batters to play in different conditions, like he played Tests in the West Indies, South Africa and India. “Every place has its own culture and when we come to the Indian team, we learn those cultures. We learn from our seniors.”

“I speak to Rohit bhai, Rahul Sir and Virat bhaiya and get as much information as I can. The conditions in the West Indies and South Africa were different. Having played in India we have an idea about the conditions. So, my aim has to be to learn and improve my game day-by-day. I respect everyone, but I want to be a Yashasvi Jaiswal, always wanted to be a Yashasvi Jaiswal.”

He also recalled the moment when he met MS Dhoni during IPL 2020 in the UAE and did a ‘namaste’, saying it came out of complete respect for the legendary wicketkeeper-batter. “I was really happy when I saw him for the first time and did a namaste. I really didn’t know what to speak to him about, how to react and that namaste was out of respect to him as an elder.

“I think I was at my most nervous in that match, which was my first-ever IPL game. Dhoni Sir was keeping so that was a very nice moment. That image is one of the best of my life and will remain with me. I spoke to him after the match and he told me two important things.”

“Cricket is fine, but the kind of human being you become will define your life. So how I am outside cricket, matters a lot to me. Of course, I make mistakes, but I also learn a lot from them. I am always striving to be a good person. The other thing he told me about was back my shots. He suggested I execute my best shots when I come under pressure. So that’s something I am always looking around for,” said Jaiswal.



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