Jack Black says Kate Winslet is his favourite co-star

Los Angeles, March 5 (IANS) Actor Jack Black has shared that his favourite co-star is Kate Winslet and it is because of her eyes.

Talking about his favourite co-star, Jack told etonline: “You know what? The first one that comes to mind — and I’m gonna say it just cause it’s the first one that comes to mind.”

“Kate Winslet and I’ll tell you why. She was my favorite co-star I’ve ever had because when you look in her eyes, she was like really present,” Jack, who worked with the actress in ‘The Holiday’, shared.

“I feel like if you look into my eyes, you just see a shadow of a robot.”

In the 2006 romantic-comedy film, Jack stars as a famous music producer in Los Angeles, who meets Kate’s character, a UK resident enjoying a holiday.

Jack and actress Awkwafina talk about their new film ‘Kung-Fu Panda 4.’

Asked about his hidden talent, Jack shared: “Oh here’s one if I have to show you”

He rolled back his hands to make them look as though they had disappeared.

“It’s this thing. Did you ever learn how to do this?”

Awkwafina looked confused and asked: “What is that?”

According to Jack, the move, which he calls “magic hands”, is something he discovered he could do at a very young age.

Although, he says it’s very important to not just try it without knowing your limits.

“But you got to be careful you don’t — you don’t want to do it if you don’t have full extension capabilities,” Jack said.

“I learned it when I was a kid. I still got it,” he added.



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