Lok Sabha elections: Meeting between Priyanka Gandhi and Mayawati, BSP may come into India alliance

Before the UP assembly elections, a series of talks had started between the top leadership of Congress and BSP. At that time this conversation could not reach its final stage, but since then there has been a dialogue between the two.Internal efforts are being made to bring BSP into the opposition inclusive alliance ‘India’. If everything continues like this then its official announcement can be made after the elections in five states. In this, Congress is playing the role of facilitator. As part of the exercise, several rounds of talks have also taken place between the first families of both sides.It is expected that as the talks with BSP progress, more such statements may also be made. According to a leader close to the Gandhi family, Congress’s experience with SP in the 2017 assembly elections was not good. In that election, SP President Akhilesh Yadav kept talking about giving more seats to Congress, but despite the promise of giving 145 seats, Congress was given 105 seats. Out of that also, SP had fielded 10 candidates like Anurag Bhadauria. If seen this way, Congress had won only 95 seats.

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