Maharashtra Open Carrom: Shivani survives with timely ‘White Slam’

Mumbai, Feb 15 (IANS) Indian contender Ajai Shivani showed amazing touch and scored a ‘White Slam’ during his come-from-behind 2-1 win against compatriot Naeem Ansari in a third-round match of the Rs seven lakh prize money Maharashtra Open Carrom Challenger’s Trophy 2023-2024, here on Thursday.

The Gujarat player Shivani tamely lost the first set to the Maharashtra player and was trailing 6-12 at the end of the fifth and penultimate board of the second set. Not prepared to give up without putting up a fight, Shivani with a timely last-ditched effort produced a ‘White Slam’ (break-to-finish) to win the set and take the match to the third set. He then seemed to have gained in confidence as he went on to pocket a tense deciding set to clinch a thrilling 6-25, 18-12, and 13-11 victory.

Meanwhile, Maldives National Champion Ismail Azeem after facing a bit of initial resistance from India’s Mujeeb Shaikh (IND) gradually came into his own and started to call the shots before charging to a straight set 15-14, 17-2 win in another third-round match.

Sri Lankan challengers Shaheed Hilmy and Anas Ahamed, both also enjoyed a successful day. Hilmy brushed aside India’s Premkumar Mishra racing to an 18-5, 22-13 victory, while Ahamed outplayed another Indian Bharat Makwana 10-5, 20-8. However, Gihan Chamara also from Sri Lankan, crashed out losing to India’s Mohd. Mustaque 8-15, 5-25.


Round 3: Ismail Azmeen (MDV) bt Mujeeb Shaikh (IND) 15-14, 17-2; Amol Sawardekar (IND) bt Sanjay Maniyar (IND) 17-12, 22-21; Abhijit Tripankar (IND) bt Sk. Yousef (IND) 21-11, 25-0; Fahim Kazi (IND) bt Vivek Kamble (IND) 0-17, 25-12, 24-11; Shaheed Hilmy (SRI) bt Premkumar Mishra (IND) 18-5, 22-13; Mohd. Mustaque (IND) bt Gihan Chamara (SRI) 15-8, 25-5; Zaheer Pasha (IND) bt Siddhant Wadwalkar (IND) 16-6, 25-0; Anas Ahamed (SRI) bt Bharat Makwana (IND) 10-5, 20-8; Ajai Shivani (IND) bt Naeem Ansari (IND) 6-25, 18-12, 13-11; Swapnil Golatkar (IND) bt Haroon Shaikh (IND) 10-25, 25-8, 14-6; Sandip Dive (IND) bt Atharva Telangi (IND) 19-12, 16-14; Jalaluddin Mulla (IND) bt Narsingrao Sakari (IND) 25-0, 8-25, 18-7; Nisar Shaikh (IND) bt Abdul Shoeb (IND) 22-17, 13-26, 20-11; Kunal Raut (IND) bt Vasant Vairal (IND) 25-2, 13-15, 18-14.



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