Number of patients spikes as air quality dips in Lucknow

Lucknow, Nov 28 (IANS) The deteriorating air quality in Lucknow has led to a surge in patients with respiratory and eye-related problems.

Doctors at the King George’s Medical University (KGMU), SPM Civil Hospital, Lokbandhu and Balrampur Hospitalhave confirmed surge in patients and attributed it to rising pollution level.

Prof Darshan Bajaj of pulmonary medicine department at KGMU said: “We have observed a 25 per cent rise in the frequency of upper respiratory infections across all age groups from the 50 cases recorded daily in October.”

He attributes the surge to the rise in PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter levels in atmosphere following a recent dip in temperature.

He explained that these particles can penetrate deep into the lungs, triggering inflammation and disrupting respiratory function, potentially leading to chronic respiratory issues.

Ajay Tripathi, medical superintendent at Lokbandhu Hospital, noted an increase in respiratory infection patients from 40 to 70 per day, with throat infections reaching 10 to 20 per day and around 20 eye infection cases daily.

In Balrampur, Atul Mehrotra, chief medical superintendent (CMS), reported daily increase in respiratory infections from 100 to 150.

Prof Siddharth Agrawal from KGMU’s ophthalmology department noted an increase in conjunctivitis cases due to pollution.

“Till October, the number was barely two to three, now it is 10,” he said and advised protecting eyes with goggles and regular washing.

ENT surgeon, Rakesh Srivastava said pollutants, including particulate matter and irritant gases, are associated with increased cough and wheeze.

“Inhaling smog can lead to sore throat, cough, tiredness, eye and nose irritation, and wheezing due to toxins settling in the lungs and throat. So, everyone should avoid exposure to air pollution either by staying at home or wearing masks,” he added.



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