Prithviraj says every Malayalam actor wants Blessy on their filmography

Mumbai, March 16 (IANS) Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran, who predominantly works in Malayalam cinema, is gearing up for his new movie ‘The Goat Life’.

Prithviraj was in Mumbai on Saturday where he spoke about being a part of the film and that working with the director of the film, Blessy is something that every Malayalam actor looks forward to working with him.

The actor spoke to the media at a multiplex in the Andheri area of Mumbai at a press event which he attended along with the director, and the Grammy and Oscar-winning music composer A.R. Rahman.

The actor told the media: “In the Malayalam film industry when Blessy calls you, you pick up your phone. He is one of the most committed filmmakers that the Malayalam film industry has. For us actors in Malayalam cinema, a Blessy film is a box that all of us want to tick at least once in a lifetime and have it in our filmography.”

He further spoke about the film’s journey as he said: “This was back in 2009 when I was still trying to come to terms with myself as an artiste and that’s when he contacted me and said that he has thought of his film which is a grand vision and he wants me to be a part of the film. The idea took 10 years to take off because his vision was so massive that it was quite ahead of time to pull it off in terms of the logistics and the creative line of thought.”



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