Saiyami Kher doesn’t consider working out to be a punishment, she enjoys it

Mumbai, April 8 (IANS) Actress Saiyami Kher, known for her passion for fitness, revealed that she doesn’t view exercise as a punishment but as an activity she genuinely enjoys. The fitness enthusiast shared that when she seeks a change in her regime, she turns to playing badminton.

Talking to IANS, Saiyami expressed: “Every day when you wake up, the toughest thing I feel is putting on your shoes and tying your shoelaces. So, when you forget to work out you are always lazy but once you put on the shoes and get out, the first kilometre is tough and then everything becomes much better.”

While mentioning her love for Badminton, the actress said: “Going and playing badminton gives me immense joy so I don’t consider workout as a punishment because I genuinely like doing it. If I want a break from what I have been doing I will go and play badminton.”

Saiyami said that every form of workout is ideal for her. She also mentioned the importance of taking action rather than merely discussing workouts.

On the work front, the ‘Ghoomer’ actress is currently gearing up for ‘Ironman Race’ in Berlin.

She said: “Currently, I am on a different kind of training plan because I am doing an Ironman race in September in Berlin. It (the workout) is very hectic, loaded and includes cycling, swimming, running and strength training. So my current workouts are towards my Ironman training.”



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