Sunil Grover surprises Adah Sharma with his saree-draping skills

Mumbai, March 5 (IANS) Adah Sharma has shared an amusing anecdote about her ‘Sunflower 2’ co-star Sunil Grover, revealing how he is surprisingly skilled at draping a saree, surpassing every woman on the set.

Appreciating his saree-draping skills, Adah said: “Sunil can drape a saree faster than any woman. He can drape it within two minutes.”

Sunil affirmed this claim, stating: “If there were a saree draping competition, I could outdo any woman.”

His impeccable saree-wrapping skills became a delightful surprise for everyone on sets.

The series follows the story of the Sunflower Society, where Sonu (Sunil) finds himself under suspicion again in another intriguing murder mystery. With the introduction of a new tenant, Rosie Mehta (Adah), and with multiple potential suspects, the plot thickens, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

‘Sunflower 2’ is streaming on ZEE5.



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