Syrian smuggler killed in clash with Lebanese army at border

Beirut, May 12 (IANS) A Syrian smuggler was killed, and another was injured in a clash with the Lebanese army on the border separating Lebanon and Syria, Lebanese military sources told the media.

The sources, who spoke anonymously, said on Saturday that the Lebanese army’s Land Borders Regiments exchanged gunfire with a group of four smugglers, who were spotted trying to smuggle goods from the Lebanese side into Syria through an illegal land crossing in the Deir El Aachayer on the east of Mount Hermon Heights, east of Lebanon.

The wounded man was transferred to Rashaya Governmental Hospital, while the other two escaped, the source said as quoted by Xinhua news agency report.

The border separating Lebanon and Syria has witnessed smuggling and infiltration activities through illegal crossings, despite persistent attempts by Lebanese authorities to control and combat smuggling.

Smuggling occurs in both directions, but smuggling from Lebanon to Syria has become more common with deteriorating economic conditions in the two countries and the sanctions imposed on Syria. This includes smuggling basic goods subsidised by the Lebanese state such as flour, fuel, and medicine.



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