US, Jordan conduct joint aid airdrop to Gaza

Washington, March 16 (IANS) US and Jordanian aircraft on Saturday dropped food supplies to Palestinian civilians trapped in the Gaza Strip in a joint humanitarian aid operation, US Central Command said in a statement as quoted by media reports.

The airdrops by a US Air Force C-130 aircraft and a Royal Jordanian Air Force C-130 aircraft came as the main UN agency working in the enclave said that one in three children under the age of two is acutely malnourished, The Times of Israel reported.

It warned of a looming famine.

US Central Command called the airdrops “part of a sustained effort and we continue to plan follow-on aerial deliveries”.

Much of Gaza lies in ruins and its 2.3 million Palestinian residents face serious food shortages more than five months after Israel launched an air and ground offensive following the October 7 rampage into Israel by the enclave’s ruling Hamas terrorists, The Times of Israel reported.

The US, Israel’s main ally, and other countries have called on Israel to allow in more humanitarian aid.

Israel blames UN agencies for slow deliveries, saying it puts no limits on assistance.

The US began aid airdrops on March 2 and is planning to begin a sealift from the island of Cyprus.



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