We reiterate our commitment to overcome Sickle Cell Disease: PM Modi

New Delhi, June 19 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on World Sickle Cell Day on Wednesday reiterated that his government is committed to overcoming this disease.

Mentioning the National Sickle Cell Anaemia Elimination Mission, the PM said they’re also working on other aspects like creating awareness about this genetic blood disorder.

“On World Sickle Cell Day, we reiterate our commitment to overcome this disease. Last year, we launched the National Sickle Cell Anaemia Elimination Mission and have been working on aspects like creating awareness, universal screening, early detection and proper care,” PM Modi wrote on X.

“We are also leveraging the power of technology in this area,” he added.

World Sickle Cell Day is observed every year on June 19 to raise awareness about the disease.

Union Health Minister JP Nadda also posted, saying, “Our efforts focus on promoting early diagnosis, ensuring access to treatment, and enhancing the quality of care for those affected”.

“Guided by the mantra ‘Hope Through Progress: Advancing Global Sickle Cell Care & Treatment’, we strengthen our commitment to combating this disease,” he added.

Sickle Cell disease is a genetic blood disorder that causes red blood cells to be misshapen like a sickle.

In this disease, the abnormal cells block blood flow and break apart easily, leading to problems like severe pain, liver and heart issues, and a shorter life span, typically in the mid-40s.



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