80 pc Indian workers feel drained when they have a lot of meetings: Report

New Delhi, March 21 (IANS) About 80 per cent of Indian employees have said that they feel drained on days when they have a lot of meetings to attend, a new report revealed on Thursday.

According to the Australia-based software firm Atlassian Corporation, 90 per cent of Indian workers find it hard to get their work done on top of attending all their meetings.

“Teams that revert to old ways of working and schedule meetings without intentionality are going to see themselves fall behind effective teams who experiment and take advantage of dynamic async tools like Loom and Confluence,” said Dom Price, Work Futurist, Atlassian.

The report surveyed 5,000 knowledge workers in India, the US, Australia, Germany and France (1,000 per market).

The report revealed that meetings are ineffective, with workers agreeing that meetings fail to accomplish their goals 60 per cent of the time.

Workers cited time spent in meetings as the number one barrier preventing them from completing their day-to-day tasks, which is ranked ahead of lack of motivation, unclear goals, unclear responsibilities, and unsure of who to work with.

About 70 per cent of Indian workers said they feel lonely at work, even when they attend lots of meetings, compared to 55 per cent globally.

Around 82 per cent of workers believe most of their meetings could be done in half the time, the report noted.

As per the report, 74 per cent of Indian workers have to work overtime at least a few days a week due to meeting overload, compared to 51 per cent globally.



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