88 pc Indian consumers abandon online shopping due to info overload

New Delhi, June 10 (IANS) About 88 per cent of Indian consumers abandon online shopping due to information overload and advertisement bombardment, a new report showed on Monday.

According to the global IT services firm Accenture, 67 per cent of Indians see no improvement or even see an increase in the time and effort required to make a purchase decision.

“Consumer-facing companies will need to rethink how products and services are branded and marketed, making it easier for shoppers to navigate through the noise and make confident purchase decisions,” said Vineet R Ahuja, MD and lead – Strategy & Consulting, Accenture in India.

The report surveyed 19,000 consumers across 12 countries including India.

In addition, the report stated that the empowerment of consumers through generative AI, other technologies and new ways of working will shift how people think about brands.

“Overall, the use of generative AI and AI-powered advisors in retail and consumer goods can enable companies to better understand their customers, deliver relevant and engaging experiences, and drive business growth,” said Amneet Singh, MD and lead – Products, Accenture in India.

Further, the report found that while 8 in 10 (79 per cent) of Indian consumers find some part of the shopping experience fun or exciting, 74 per cent felt frustrated and disappointed the product they want to buy is out of stock.



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