Ankush Bahuguna's showstopper for 'Wing It With Ankush' S2 is a follower with vitiligo

Mumbai, Feb 15 (IANS) In the concluding episode of season 2 of ‘Wing It With Ankush’, content creator Ankush Bahuguna has tried makeup on his avid follower Priya Vig, who has vitiligo, and made her the showstopper of the season.

In the YouTube talk show Ankush gives his guest a makeover.

‘Wing It With Ankush’ is a passion project where Bahuguna chronicles his journey and experiments with cosmetics.

An amalgamation of a podcast, makeup routine and a digital talk show, ‘Wing It With Ankush’ is where Bahuguna tries various makeup looks on his guests while chatting about anything and everything under the sun.

In the new episode, Bahuguna is seen trying makeup on Vig, who has vitiligo, a skin condition that causes the loss of skin colour in patches.

Priya, who became the ‘show-stopper’, hails from Delhi, and is a creative in Zee Punjabi channel and a Yoga instructor.

Talking about the show, Priya said: “I have been following Ankush since his iDiva days. So, being a part of his show was a dream come true. I have always felt my confidence dip whenever I stepped out of the house after using makeup to cover up my white patches. I believe I am most confident and comfortable being in my own skin — with its patches and all.”

“And in the episode, Ankush did a fabulous job. I knew he would not cover up any white patch on my face but rather help enhance my natural self. And he did just that, which I absolutely loved,” she shared.

She further said: “During the second Covid-19 lockdown, the vitiligo had spread to my face too. It was around this time Ankush started uploading makeup tips and tutorials on the ‘Wing It With Ankush’ page.”

“These tips always revolve around embracing your beauty rather than changing anything about yourself, unlike most other online tips and tricks. His tutorials really inspired and motivated me to stay true to myself,” Priya added.

Ankush said: “It was a full circle moment to have Priya, one of my followers, as the show-stopper of season 2 because these are the people who made me who I am, and they’ll always be bigger than any celebrity for me. I think it takes courage to be true to oneself, and I genuinely admire Priya for that. We had a lot of fun while shooting the episode.”

“While we experimented with various looks, my aim was not to erase but rather celebrate who she is. I don’t think makeup is meant to cover up who you really are. If anything, it is an art form that is a self-expression and extension of your true self and shouldn’t be seen with a myopic lens of gender or conventional beauty standards,” Ankush added.

Some of the guests for season 2 of the talk show included — Prajakta Koli, Shruti Haasan, Shriya Pilgaonkar, and Sushant Divgikar.



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