Arjun Bijlani opens up on tapping into intense rage for 'Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya

Mumbai, April 8 (IANS) Arjun Bijlani recently discussed his portrayal of an intense scene in the show ‘Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya ShivShakti’, highlighting the challenges he faced in tapping into the character’s rage.

The actor said that being a jovial person, it was very hard to bring out the rage inside him for the sequence.

The show revolves around Shiv (Arjun) and Shakti (Nikki Sharma). In recent episodes, viewers saw how Shiv regained his consciousness in the hospital and helped expose Mandira’s (Parineeta Borthakur) reality before everyone. However, he still can’t recall who murdered his mother, Gayatri.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness Shiv being accused of murdering his mother. Shakti’s attempts to help Shiv evade police accusations as they find refuge in a temple celebrating Holi. However, a chance encounter with a woman soaked in red gulal triggers Shiv’s memories of his mother’s murder, leading to a powerful outburst where he vehemently denies any involvement in her death.

While this intriguing sequence is bound to keep you hooked, shooting for this scene was a different experience for Arjun.

Talking about the scene, Arjun said: “I am very lucky that I am getting the opportunity to portray such diverse layers and emotions through Shiv. Being a jovial person, it was very hard to bring out the rage inside me for this particular sequence. To get it right, I listened to some intense songs and dialogues.”

“I also tried to understand the mindset of a man who is seeing flashes of his mother being murdered by someone in front of his own eyes, and that really helped me get into the skin of the character. I just got into the zone and at that moment, I went ballistic and tore all my clothes, and it was captured naturally,” he shared.

Praising the show’s team, he added: “The whole team was very supportive of me, and post the scene, they gave me space so that I could come out of that intensity at my own pace. I gradually started speaking to everyone, people joked around to lighten the mood a bit, and listening to some soothing music helped me unwind post the sequence. I have given my all for this particular highpoint, and I hope the viewers enjoy the high-voltage drama.”

‘Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya ShivShakti’ airs on Zee TV.



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