Armaan Malik shares why he loves belting out ‘Humnawa’ at his concerts

Mumbai, March 5 (IANS) Singer-musician Armaan Malik has revealed as to why he loves crooning the track ‘Humnawa’ from his album ‘Only Just Begun’.

Taking to X (formerly called Twitter), Armaan shared that he knew the track would come out “awesome”, when he was putting together his album.

The singer wrote: “I just love belting out ‘Humnawa’ at my concerts. When I was putting it together for the album, I was already picturing how awesome it would sound live.”

Armaan, who has given his voice to tracks such as ‘Buddhu Sa Mann’, ‘Tumhe Apna Banane Ka’ and ‘Sab Tera’ to name a few, urged his fans to sing along at his concert as he says it will be “epic”.

“So if you’re coming to any of my upcoming shows, get ready to sing along to this one — it’s gonna be epic!…” concluded Armaan.



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