Asia Cup Prize Money: Champion India becomes rich; Kuldeep got Rs 41 lakh, know who got how much prize money

The Indian team has achieved a historic victory in the Asia Cup final. India defeated Sri Lanka by 10 wickets and won the tournament for a record eighth time. Team India has become rich after becoming champion. The Indian team has received approximately Rs 1.24 crore as reward. At the same time, runner-up Sri Lanka has also received an amount of approximately Rs 62 lakh. Let us know who got how much reward in Asia Cup 2023…

Ravindra Jadeja: $3000 (2.49 Lakh) Best Catch of the Match
Mohammed Siraj: $5000 (Rs 4.15 lakh) and trophy, Player of the Match (Siraj donated his prize to the groundsmen)
Kuldeep Yadav: $50,000, (Rs 41.54 lakh) Player of the Tournament (Kuldeep took a total of nine wickets in this tournament, which includes five wickets taken against Pakistan)
Sri Lankan ground staff: Pitch curator and groundsmen awarded $50,000 (Rs 41.54 lakh)
Sri Lanka: $75,000 (Rs 62.31 lakh) to the runner-up team
India: $150,000 (Rs 1.24 crore) to the winning team

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