'Bigg Boss 17': Vicky goes down on his knees for forgiveness from wife Ankita

Mumbai, Jan 23 (IANS) In the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 17’, Vicky Jain was seen telling Ankita Lokhande, he will make up with her and went down on his knees to apologise to his wife amid the media interaction in the house.

Vicky and Ankita were asked if they plan to seek couple therapy post the show.

He even said: “Therapy yehin hain, I am going to just say sorry to her. I am sorry Manku, please forgive me for my mistakes.”

“I would like to mention one thing that when you are locked inside the house for so many days, you don’t realise your mistakes. In the outside world also only we two stay together with each other and there is no one to make us realise our fights. This is the first time in 100 days that so many people are telling me the same thing and asking me the same question, which makes me realise that I was doing a few things which I shouldn’t have done.”

“I am not that person and I have stood by Ankita everywhere with a proud feeling of being her husband.”

“I am so thankful that I am on this show only because of her.”



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