Deployment of Western troops in Ukraine threatens with World War III: Italian Foreign Minister

Rome, March 16 (IANS) Antonio Tajani, Italian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, on Saturday rejected the idea raised by French President Emmanuel Macron of the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine, said Tajani as quoted by media reports.

He added that it “would be a mistake” for NATO to send troops to Ukraine, which “we must help defend, ” as quoted by Ukrainska Pravda report.

“To enter the war with Russia means the threat of World War III,” he said.

“Our military is doing well what they are doing in the Red Sea to protect our ships; they are doing well what they are doing in Lebanon, Africa and Iraq. Our military are the bearers of peace, guarantees and freedom. We are not at war with Russia,” the Italian Foreign Minister stressed.

Earlier on Friday, Macron, while commenting on the idea of sending Western troops to Ukraine, said that if such a scenario were to be implemented, French forces would not go on the offensive against Russia, the Ukrainska Pravda reported.

French politicians attacked Macron after his recent interview regarding his support for Ukraine.

Elina Valtonen, Finland Minister of Foreign Affairs, has said that Western countries, including the US, should not completely rule out the idea of sending troops to Ukraine if the situation there deteriorates.



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