Devendra Desai: Gandhian force behind Gujarat's cooperative movement passes away

Ahmedabad, Feb 15 (IANS) Devendra Desai, a Gandhian and founder of various cooperative ventures in Rajkot, Gujarat, and former Khadi and Village Industries Commission Chairman, died at 88.

Desai, who had been receiving medical care for age-related health issues, passed away late on February 14, in an Ahmedabad hospital.

Born in Jetpur, Rajkot District, in 1935, Desai was deeply rooted in Gujarat’s cooperative and Gandhian movements.

He joined the Congress party in 1950 and was a significant figure in Rajkot’s district panchayat, where he served as president and was involved in various committees.

Desai’s commitment to Gandhian principles saw him collaborating closely with notable Gandhians like U Dhebar, Balwant Mehta, and others, promoting khadi, rural employment, and cottage industries across Gujarat.

Desai’s contributions extended into the cooperative sector, as the founder-president of Gopal Dairy, a member union of Amul Dairy, and Vice-Chairman of the Rajkot District Cooperative Bank.



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