Divyenndu explains why theatre has a limited audience compared to cinema

Mumbai, March 21 (IANS) Actor Divyenndu, who is gearing up for his upcoming movie ‘Madgaon Express’, has explained why theatre doesn’t enjoy a larger audience like cinema.

Divyenndu has done theatre while he was in college and has been a part of his institution’s dramatics society. Actor Abhishek Banerjee has been his fellow thespian in the dramatics society.

The actor recently spoke with IANS and said that the nature of exhibition and distribution makes it very difficult for the art form of theatre to generate a large audience. Cinema, given its distribution network with different screens and OTT, allows it to reach even the last mile audience.

Even if a person has missed a particular film in theatre, OTT makes sure that it lands on their phone or laptop screens after its theatrical run.

The actor told IANS, “Theatre is a very exclusive art form. For a show of theatre, only a particular number of people can go and watch at the same time. People have to come to the theatre to watch a play. A Film goes out to the people even if they’re at their home courtesy to the streaming platforms now.”

He further mentioned, “A film releases all over, the whole country watched the content simultaneously. Hence, it has a much bigger impact when we talk about the numbers. Theatre has a much more finer fragrance to it. A film has a more massy fragrance to it.”

Produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar under the banner of Excel Entertainment, ‘Madgaon Express’ is set to hit theatres on March 22, 2024.



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