Emraan Hashmi reveals why he's very introspective about things he has done

Mumbai, July 10 (IANS) Actor Emraan Hashmi says he has always been introspective about things that he has done and tries to correct them whenever he feels he has steered off.

Emraan plays a complex character in ‘Showtime’, where he essays the role of Raghu.

The actor has spoken about his vulnerabilities and how he relates to them.

Talking about the same, Emraan said: “We all in our lives have had moments of grey where we’ve made mistakes. We probably have broken that model code that we set aside for ourselves, and I think at the end of it, we are human, we do make errors.”

The actor added that some people are better at introspecting and reflecting on their own lives, and redemption is a function of that.

“If you can have a very objective view of what you’ve done wrong in your life and want to correct that, then, you would call it redemption. But if you are delusional or you have this very crooked view of reality and even though you’ve wronged people and you think it’s okay, then there’s no redemption there. Then you take that as a way of life,” he said.

“I’ve always been very introspective about things that I’ve done and try to correct them whenever I feel I’ve steered off,” Emraan shared.

The 45-year-old star added: “So, I see that also when I reflect on something that even in the show, for Raghu, his redemption is the fact that he was becoming something that he didn’t like in his father.”

“He realised that it was close to becoming a mirror of his father and then self-reflection, that’s why he wanted to course correct and go on the path of redemption.”

All episodes of ‘Showtime’ will be streaming from July 12 on Disney+ Hotstar.



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