Gillian Anderson talks about returning to work 10 days after giving birth

Los Angeles, April 4 (IANS) Actress Gillian Anderson has opened up about returning to work less than two weeks after giving birth.

The actress spoke about returning to work on ‘The X-Files’ just 10 days after welcoming her oldest child, daughter Piper, in 1994 on “Today” show, reports

Gillian is also a mother to two sons, Oscar, 15, and Felix, 17.

“If I didn’t feel so guilty that I got pregnant in the first season, I might have taken better care of myself and been more thoughtful about what I needed for my best interest at the time,” the actress said.

“But I think I was so wrapped up in, ‘I almost got fired, I’ll mess this up, I’ll do whatever they say.’ So yeah, 10 days after a C-section,” she continued.

The actress added: “But we’re still talking about it, right? It’s interesting. Whatever it was, 30 years ago.”



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