IIT Madras' new customisable electric standing wheelchair to empower disabled

Chennai, March 20 (IANS) Now, people with disabilities can reach for a book, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee standing by a counter as easily as others at the touch of a button.

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras on Wednesday launched ‘NeoStand’, an indigenously developed customisable electric standing wheelchair.

“At the touch of a button, wheelchair users can effortlessly transition from sitting to standing, opening a world of possibilities—be it engaging in eye-level conversations, reaching for a book, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee standing by a counter,” the IIT said in a statement.

“With NeoStand, the user just needs to use a switch to move from sitting to standing. Even a caregiver or a therapist in a hospital can help the user practise standing in a gradual manner since NeoStand allows the user to stop at intermediate positions, which is important from a therapeutic standpoint,” said Prof. Sujatha Srinivasan, of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras, in the statement.

Srinivasan also headed the Institute’s TTK Center for Rehabilitation Research and Device Development which earlier developed ‘Arise’, India’s first manual standing wheelchair, and ‘NeoBolt’, the country’s first motorised add-on for wheelchairs.

“Wheelchairs enable us and it is a safe space for our personal mobility and to perform daily activities. The ability to stand with just a push of a button makes the wheelchair even more inclusive, helping quadriplegics to stand independently,” said Justin Jesudas, a person with quadriplegia for the last 14 years, in the statement.



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