In Gorakhpur, the ‘Akash Ganga’ descended into the ‘Ganga’ as the Guru Gorakhnath Ghat shimmered with the radiance of over one and a quarter million lamps.

Gorakhpur. On one side flows the stream of the Rapti, while on the other, the flow of public faith is evident. Like the rising waves in the river, the wave of enthusiasm, resonating in every heart, is distinctly felt at Guru Gorakshnath Ghat, much like the rising water waves. Every step exudes joy, and enthusiasm is visible in every move. This enthusiasm reaches its peak at 4:20 in the evening when Shyamdhani Rahi, the legislator from Siddharthanagar, lights the first lamp of the Daily Jagran’s Divya Deepotsav, and the sky seems to touch it with a sense of celebration.

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