Israeli warplanes hit Hezbollah stronghold in eastern Lebanon

Beirut, April 14 (DPA/IANS) Israeli warplanes struck a pro-Iranian Hezbollah stronghold in eastern Lebanon on Sunday, inflicting at least three casualties, Lebanese security and Hezbollah sources said.

Lebanese security sources said a two-storey building was hit by Israeli warplanes in Nabi Sheet, near the city of Baalbeck.

The Israeli army said that in response to the firing toward northern Israel overnight, Israeli fighter jets struck “a significant Hezbollah weapons manufacturing site in the area of Nabi Chit, deep inside Lebanon”.

Lebanese security sources said Hezbollah fighters went on full alert following the strike near the eastern Lebanese-Syrian borders.

Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency also reported that “an enemy air strike targeted a building” in the village of al-Nabi Sheet and “destroyed it.”

Hezbollah said at least one fighter was killed but did not say where.

In response to the Israeli night raids that targeted a number of southern Lebanese villages, the pro-Iranian movement earlier said Hezbollah fighters fired dozens of Katyusha rockets on areas in the Golan Heights at dawn on Sunday.

Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles on Saturday targeting Israel in response to a suspected Israeli attack on an Iranian compound in Syria earlier this month which killed two brigadier generals and five other members of Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).



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