Jamie Foxx plans to share details of medical emergency 'in funny way' on stage

Los Angeles, March 5 (IANS) Oscar and Grammy-winning actor Jamie Foxx plans to talk about his sudden hospitalisation almost a year ago but with a “funny” spin.

Jamie, who was at the African American Film Critics Association’s (AAFCA) Special Achievement Awards luncheon, shared: “Everybody wants to know what happened, and I’m going to tell you what happened. But I’ve gotta do it in my way.”

“I’m gonna do it in a funny way. We’re gonna be on the stage. We’re gonna get back to the standup sort of roots.”

“It’ll be called, ‘What Had Happened Was’, and it’s got all the things that happened, especially on our side of our community,” he said, joking about the rumours that the “Jamie Foxx” sightings after his hospitalisation weren’t, in fact, him.

“I dove out of a car to save this Black woman’s purse,” he said.

The actor added: “That ain’t no damn Jamie, that’s a clone.”

Jamie made his first public appearance at the Critics Choice Association’s special celebration of Black, Latino and AAPI achievements last December, reports variety.com.

He took everyone by surprise guests by taking the stage to accept the Vanguard Award.

Jamie then joined back work in January as he was on the set of ‘Back In Action’ alongside actress Cameron Diaz.

The actor is heading back to co-host Fox’s ‘Beat Shazam’ with his daughter Corinne Foxx.

He and his Foxxhole Productions partner Datari Turner appeared alongside honourees, filmmaker Deon Taylor, choreographer Fatima Robinson, the creative team behind ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ and the family of the late social justice campaigner Michael Latt at the luncheon held in Los Angeles.

Jamie sees life differently now.

“I’m so thankful. And I just get emotional. Because it was really… it’s beyond the scope. Cherish life. I have some people in my life that really made sure I was here because it was dire straits,” Jamie said.



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