Manish Khanna developed habits like tapping foot, snapping fingers for 'Pushpa Impossible'

Mumbai, April 2 (IANS) Actor Manish Khanna, who plays the role of a lawyer in the show ‘Pushpa Impossible’ has delved into the depth of his character, sharing about the subtle nuances he had incorporated into his performance to make it more intriguing.

‘Pushpa Impossible’ narrates the heartwarming tale of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey) as a resilient woman who takes life’s challenges head-on, without losing hope.

In the recent turn of events, Jugal (Anshul Trivedi) is accused of killing Dilip Patel (Jayesh More) and is sent to jail. To save Jugal, Pushpa turns to Devi (Urvashi Dholakia), her lawyer and mentor.

However, saving Jugal will not be an easy task as Devi will be fighting against a menacing lawyer, Somnath Suryavashi (Manish).

Known for his portrayal of antagonistic characters, Manish plays the rival lawyer from Delhi. Possessing a commanding character and a voice that demands notice, Somnath instils dread in people as soon as he enters the courtroom.

With his intellect, sharp humour, and imposing demeanour, he emerges as an unstoppable force, consistently prevailing in legal battles.

Talking about the preparations, Manish said: “To make Somnath more intriguing, I’ve incorporated subtle details into my performance. For instance, I’ve developed habits like tapping my foot or snapping my fingers during intense moments. These small actions add depth to the character, suggesting a sense of restlessness or impatience that enhances Somnath’s personality.”

“Additionally, I’ve worked on my facial expressions and body language to convey his inner emotions and thoughts, making him more relatable and engaging for the audience. These nuances may seem minor, but they contribute to building a more complex and captivating portrayal of Somnath on screen,” said the ‘Pracchand Ashok fame actor.

The actor known for his role in ‘Naagin’ said that playing such a character involves diving deep into the mindset of the character.

“While I’ve portrayed lawyer roles in the past, embodying Somnath required a different approach. I focused on understanding his motivations, background, and the unique traits that make him intimidating,” he said.

Manish shared: “Additionally, I delved into research to grasp the nuances of courtroom dynamics and legal procedures, ensuring authenticity in my portrayal.”

“Unlike typical soap opera roles, lawyer characters like Somnath deal with powerful and intriguing dialogues, adding depth and complexity to the performance,” he added.

‘Pushpa Impossible’ airs on Sony SAB.



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