Nine arrested for holding Indian citizens hostage in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Feb 15 ( IANS) Nine people — including eight from India and another from Nepal — have been arrested on the charges of holding 11 Indian nationals hostage and extorting money on the pretext of sending them to the US via Mexico.

The Indian nationals, who were held hostage for a month, were rescued on Wednesday by the Kathmandu Police from Ratopul area.

Addressing a press conference, Bhupendra Khatrai, SSP, District Police Range, Kathmandu, said: “Of the 11 hostages, eight were from Punjab and three from Haryana.

The kidnappers used to force the Indian nationals to make a video call to their family members in India and ask for additional money, the SSP added.

The kidnappers also confiscated $3,000 from each individual which they brought from India as a “mandatory ” currency while entering the US.

During investigation, it was found that the kidnappers had mentally tortured and thrashed the Indian nationals, said the SSP.

“The Nepali national assisted them in preparing the fake documents,” said Khatri.

Indu Singh Yadav, is the mastermind of the case, the SSP said



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