Prayers offered to Lord Ram at Karnataka mosques

Hubballi (Karnataka), Jan 22 (IANS) Muslims in several villages of the north Karnataka region offered prayers to Lord Ram on the premises of mosques marking the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony of Ayodhya’s Ram temple on Monday.

At Halyala village in Hubballi taluk, members of the Muslim community offered prayers by putting photos of Lord Ram on the premises of two mosques and Sayyad Ali Dargah. They offered meals to the villagers on the occasion and also wore saffron clothes.

At Hunasikatti village of Gadag district’s Naragund taluk, Muslims performed the ‘homa’ ritual. The ritual was performed on the premises of the village mosque and the programme was attended by Hindus as well. Floral tributes were also paid to a portrait of ‘Bharat Mata’.

North Karnataka is known for religious harmony and brotherhood. Unlike other places, Muslims and Hindus live in neighbourhoods in villages of north Karnataka and share a similar culture.



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