Released hostages reach Israel, to be admitted to hospital for health checkup

Tel Aviv, Nov 28 (IANS) The 11 Israeli hostages, nine children and two women who were released by Hamas on Monday, have reached Israel and will soon be admitted to the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv for a health checkup.

The hostages who are from Kibbutz Nir reached Israel through the Kerem Shalom crossing and had undergone a medical checkup and evaluation of their health conditions at the crossing.

The released hostages who were in the custody of Hamas for the past 52 days will reunite with their families at the hospital here.

Hamas will release twenty more Israel hostages on Tuesday after the extension of the ceasefire for two more days.

Meanwhile, Hamas did not release another six Thai hostages from captivity even after Egypt and Thai mediators spoke directly to Hamas leadership.



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