S.Korean airline operators to warn passengers against opening emergency exits of planes

Seoul, Nov 28 (IANS) Airline operators in South Korea will be required to warn passengers against indiscriminately opening aircraft emergency exits, following a recent mid-air plane door opening incident, the government said on Tuesday.

The Transportation Ministry said such a measure was included in a draft amendment of the operating guideline for airline operators made available for public review until December 14, reports Yonhap News agency.

Currently airlines are required to announce warnings against in-flight smoking, use of electronic devices and actions that interfere with the duties of the cabin crew, and that such behaviour can become subject to criminal prosecution.

Passengers who tamper with plane entrances, emergency exits or devices that hinder the security or operation of an aircraft could face imprisonment for up to 10 years under aviation security laws.

The measure came following an incident in May in which a man opened an aircraft door on board an Asiana Airlines flight just minutes before landing at Daegu International Airport in Daegu, 237 km southeast of Seoul.



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