SACTEM to train doctors for medical emergencies

Lucknow, May 12 (IANS) A new organisation called the Society of Acute Care and Trauma and Emergency Medicine (SACTEM), launched its activities with a Continuing Medical Education (CME) programme.

This is designed to address the growing challenge of managing critical medical emergencies.

To begin with, SACTEM is focusing on human rabies prevention and management.

Lokendra Gupta, founder of SACTEM, underscored the strain on major medical facilities due to a surge in patient load. To tackle this challenge, the society aims to train doctors in all 105 district hospitals across Uttar Pradesh.

Gupta said they would provide essential guidelines for road accident scenarios, including identifying red flags such as sleepiness, loss of consciousness, severe headache, vomiting, and numbness or weakness through seminars and online courses.

He has also announced SACTEM’s collaboration with the state government on the ‘’Rabies Free Lucknow and Ayodhya’ programme.

Omkar Bharti, an epidemiologist, has advised the audience that washing the wound with antiseptic soap or solution for at least 15 minutes before seeking medical attention can significantly reduce the risk of infection.

Joint director of SACTEM, Pankaj Saxena, emphasised that the initiative not only enhanced the clinical skills of the participants but also played a crucial role in promoting the importance of continuous medical education among emerging medical professionals.



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