Telegram launches 'greeting messages', 'quick replies' business features

New Delhi, March 15 (IANS) Instant messaging app Telegram on Friday launched new business features such as greeting messages, quick replies, and others to streamline communication between companies and their customers.

The new features are currently available for free to all Premium users, offering businesses unparalleled access to cutting-edge communication tools, the company said. “Users can now convert their personal Telegram accounts into business accounts. As a result, they will be able to add their location and opening hours, organise chats with colour labels, use automatic greeting/away messages and shortcuts for quick replies,” Pavel Durov, CEO and Founder of Telegram, said in a statement.

With greeting messages, businesses can craft a message that is automatically sent to the users initiating contact for the first time.

These automated responses support text formatting, media, and file sharing, which contain multiple messages.

Telegram Business introduces the convenience of preset responses with ‘quick replies’ feature, enabling users to send one or more messages with a simple command in any chat.

Moreover, Telegram users now have the ability to seamlessly convert their profiles into comprehensive business pages, enriching them with crucial details such as ‘location and business hours’.

This functionality empowers businesses to enhance visibility and accessibility, facilitating smoother interactions with customers, according to the company. Telegram Business users can now set up an ‘away message’, ensuring timely responses even during periods of closure or vacation.

This feature enhances customer satisfaction by providing acknowledgment and pertinent information, fostering a professional and reliable image.

In addition, the company said that they will be shipping more Telegram Business features this month.



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