Through sweat of his brow, DGP Swain earns respect & people’s love in J&K

Srinagar, Jan 23 (IANS) It started as a small public outreach initiative by J&K DGP R.R. Swain and within less than three months, this grievance redressal programme has been the most effective redressal initiative.

Most genuine grievances, including police related issues, cheating and fraud cases, lack of reach to the top police officials and also other issues of the general public and the police parivar (family) are being so promptly addressed that resembles the proverbial Alladin’s lamp.

A widow approached the police chief during grievance redressal programme complaining of having been duped of Rs 8.60 lakh on the pretext of getting her a government plot of land.

R.R.Swain made a promise that looked like a very tall claim to those who overheard the woman being assured.

“You will get your money back in ten days”, the police chief told the woman.

The woman had been cheated of her husband’s terminal benefits some seven years back. In less than 10 days she got her money back while those who had duped her are being separately dealt with.

In another incident, the wife of a policeman complained that her husband had been given a posting far away from his home and he had not been transferred back to Valley for many years.

Justice was given to the family as their breadwinner came back to the Valley after many years.

These are just two examples of the magic wand that R.R. Swain has been used to address the problems of those who had no takers for decades.

People have been thronging these grievance redressal programmes like ducks taking to water.

The DGP has also moved out of the capital cities of Srinagar and Jammu to address the grievances of those who might not be able to reach the capital cities.

His last grievance redressal programme was in the border district of Kupwara and on Tuesday he is scheduled to hold the same programme in south Kashmir Awantipora town.

How can a top police officer, whose hands are full of issues like maintaining law & order, curbing militancy and maintaining the morale and discipline of such a large police force as the UT, spare time listening patiently to people’s grievances and ensuring to get them the much awaited redressal?

Those working with him and those getting redressal of their grievances say, “His honesty, selfless commitment to duty and single-minded approach to take the people along are the driving engines of his initiative”.

The immense fund of energy displayed by R.R. Swain stands out to prove the age-old belief that honesty is a powerhouse that generates tireless energy for those doing their duty to the country.

As is widely now known in the J&K Police department, the “DGP develops a serious allergy when he comes across a corrupt policeman”.



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