Yoga Day marks importance of yoga in maintaining a balanced lifestyle: CJI Chandrachud

New Delhi, June 21 (IANS) Chief Justice of India (CJI) D.Y. Chandrachud on Friday said that International Yoga Day is not only a day of celebration and observance but marks the importance of yoga in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

CJI Chandrachud said that Yoga combines physical exercise with spirituality and narrated the importance of humility in conducting yogic practices.

In his speech in Hindi, the Chief Justice emphasised the four ‘S’s – (i) ‘Siddhant’ or principles which underlie the discipline of yoga like the discipline of law; (ii) ‘Samanvay’ or inclusion; (iii) ‘Sadbhavana’ or fraternity and compassion; and (iv) ‘Sashaktikaran’ which is a movement from the individual towards society, from society to the nation and from the nation towards global humanity.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, CJI Chandrachud and other judges of the apex court along with the officials and staff of the registry and the members of the Executive Committee of the Bar associations participated in the special yoga session held at the Supreme Court Complex.

In the event, advocate Tejaswi Kumar Sharma, specially-abled, three-time International Champion in yoga-asanas, performed a spectacular set of asanas and a team of doctors and staff belonging to the All India Institute of Ayurveda performed a yoga fusion dance combining rhythmic movements set to music in yoga-asanas.

The day was observed with a special cleanliness drive on the Supreme Court premises.



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