‘Dabangg 3’ actress rakes up 2019 ‘manhandling’ by Salman’s bouncers


Mumbai, June 19 (IANS) Starlet Hema Sharma, who has worked in Salman Khan’s home production ‘Dabangg 3’, now claims that she was manhandled by the superstar’s security details in 2019 when she approached to meet him and get a picture clicked.

Recollecting the incident, the actress said, “I really wanted to work in ‘Dabangg 3′ and I did everything in my capacity to work in that film because I wanted to meet Salman Khan sir. Earlier, my scene was with Salman sir. So, I was very happy and thankful to God for the opportunity.”

But the scene in which Hema appeared was shot without Salman and, she said, “I was very disappointed and after the shoot got over for me, I just wanted to meet Salman sir.”

She further mentioned that she spoke with a lot of people to get a chance to meet Salman.

As she put it: “I contacted many people to help me connect with Salman sir. At least I spoke with 50 people to get a chance to meet Salman Khan and to click a picture with him.

“I then got in touch with Pandit Janardhan, who has also come on ‘Bigg Boss’, and expressed my wish to him about meeting Salman sir.

“He assured me that it’ll happen and we went to meet Salman sir. I can’t tell you how badly I was treated and humiliated, I was thrown out like a dog all because I wanted to click one picture with him”.

The actress claimed that Pandit Janardhan was also treated badly by Salman’s security and they threatened him saying they would ban his entry.

She said, “I was humiliated in front of a unit of 100 people which included several of the people whom I knew personally. I couldn’t sleep for 10 days after that. All I wanted was to meet Salman sir and to click a picture with him.

“He was not present at the spot where the incident unfolded but he was there in the vicinity. He could have intervened and handled the situation but, he was nowhere to be seen.”

This is not the first time when Salman’s security has come under scanner for acting like rowdies and showing no regard to people around the superstar.

Recently, Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal too was pushed aside by the ‘Wanted’ star’s security. Later, the two gentlemen hugged each other putting rest to all speculations.



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