Rishi Kumar says ‘human touch’ is something AI can never match up to


Mumbai, June 19 (IANS) Young music composer Rishi Kumar has collaborated with comedian-actor-musician Alexander Babu and Qatar Influencer Fousiya for the Tamil Song ‘Naan Naan Dhaan’ for the streaming special ‘Alex in Wonderland’.

The young talent feels that AI consolidates its power over the art space, but the human touch is something that it will never be able to replicate.

He also spoke about how the artistes will fare in the age when artificial intelligence seems to be taking and what makes an artiste and their work insurmountable.

Rishi said: “I think it’s the human touch. AI makes everything sound robotic and perfect which is not the case in music, it needs to be human; a tad bit out of tune, a tad bit out of tempo. The creativity aspect of humans is also something to be considered. AI cannot compare with human musicians until and unless they develop a very human brain.”

Rishi got the opportunity to do the song for Alexander as he had produced a few covers for the latter and his YouTube channel.

Rishi shared: “The writing of ‘Naan Naan Dhaan’ was done, so I showed him the track, and he loved it, so asked him whether he wanted to sing it himself.”

The composer also said that: “the composition was a very different style and genre” compared to his other releases so far. He said: “I wanted a very soft and subtle touch to the track, hence I kept it as minimalistic as I could. The dynamics of the first half is very different compared to the second half, which was much more powerful.”

He explained the technicalities of the song with regard to its production: “I have used a lot of 4/4 sidechain, which is a very traditional EDM trick. For the vocals, I wanted Alex uncle to stick with his original and unique singing style; each and every word would be portrayed with different kinds of emotion, and it has come out very well.”



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