Why ‘Ramayan’ actor Sunil Lahri finds ‘Adipurush’ ‘very disappointing’


Mumbai, June 19 (IANS) Veteran actor Sunil Lahri, who played Lakshman in Ramanand Sagar’s television adaptation of the epic ‘Ramayana’, has expressed his disappointment on Om Raut’s ‘Adipurush’.

Sunil took to Instagram on Monday and shared his two cents on the film starring Prahas, Kriti Sanon and Sunny Singh.

He said that he had “high expectations from Adipurush that I will get to see something different but it is very disappointing.”

In Hindi, he added: “You can’t play with your culture in the name of doing something different, especially those who are our own. The characters are not defined. The audience doesn’t find any emotional attachment with the scenes. In fact the dialogues are also very (poor).”

“Can you imagine Hanumanji saying lines such as ‘tel tere baap ka, kapda tere baap ka’? Or Meghnad will use lines like ‘abey chal nikal le’? Or Raavan will come on a bat instead of the Pushpak Vimaan? Or why would Meghnad and Lakshman fight underwater? I am very sorry but I never expected this from a filmmaker of this calibre,” he added.

He concluded by saying: “We know what our culture is. You have played with the emotions of the public, the citizens of our country. You should feel sorry for this.”



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