Won’t give any chance for unnatural deaths in K’taka: Siddaramaiah

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Bengaluru, June 19 (IANS) Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Monday said he will not give any chance for unnatural deaths in the state, adding that there is no room for communal clashes.

“Whether one is Hindu, Muslim or any other religion, no one should take the law in their hands. No one should die,” he said while addressing the media after distributing cheques of Rs 25 lakhs to the families of six victims who were killed in communal clashes in the state.

“The police have been given clear instructions in this regard. No one has the power to take the law into their hands,” the Chief Minister asserted.

“I want to give a clear message to the people of the state. Whether they are Hindus, Christians, Sikhs or Buddhists, all will get protection from the government. The lives and properties of all the persons would be protected. There is no question of discrimination. That is why the victims who were left out of compensation are spoken to and compensation is given,” he said, adding that “whoever it is, there is value for life. At the same time those who are guilty must be punished”.

“Whether it is a Muslim or Hindu, the government must equally treat them. It is the money of people. The families of Praveen Kumar Nettaru and Harsha, who were killed, got Rs 25 lakhs compensation from the then ruling BJP. But, others were not given. The government was partial.

“Those who died are all human beings. The dead should be seen equally. The then Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai went to the house of Praveen Kumar Nettaru, though the house of Mohammad Fazil was located close, he did not go. Though I raised the matter, he didn’t move,” Siddaramaiah explained.

He went on to say that ehe compensation given to the families of Praveen and Harsha is correct, but “they also have to provide compensation for others as well”.

“The government will provide employment to the families of the other deceased persons,” he declared.



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